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R-U-OK is designed for our senior citizen residents that may live alone or if someone has had a medical procedure and will be homebound for a couple of weeks. When the individual signs up for the program they are required to contact the police dept every day and inform Greenwich Twp Police Dispatcher that they are “OK”. The individual selects a 4hr time slot to make the phone call. The time can be anytime within the 24hr period. If the police dept does not hear from the individual within that time they will send out an officer to the residence to locate the indivdual and make contact with persons emergency contact. This program is not age restricted, and there is no exact formula on who is eligible. Anyone may sign up for this program and for any reason. This is a general guideline to the program. Feel free to download this form, complete it and contact the programs administrators Patrolman Sarmiento or Dispatcher Robostello or email for more information.

This form is to be downloaded and all your valuables documented for your record. You may also turn in copy to the police station for our record. This form is designed so if someone burglarizes your home we would have a record of what may have been taken and increases your chances on recovery

When you go on vacation or leave the town for work, etc. and your residence is unoccupied please download this form, complete it and bring it to the police station. While you are away your house will be checked a minimum of twice a day (usually once during the day and once during the night), to be sure your residence is secure.

This is a home self survey. Answer all the questions, if you answer “NO” to any of the questions you have a concern for the security of your home. If you answer “NO” to 8-10 questions then you are setting yourself up to be a victim of a home burglary/invasion. If you have any questions concerns contact Ptlm Sarmiento, Community Policing Officer.

The business directory form is for all new or current businesses that have not completed one. It informs the police dept of pertinent information regarding the your business.